About Us

Our Goal

Nopany Alumni Association (NAA) is a platform created to bring all the past/present students of Shri Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya and Nopany High School under one umbrella. It is a platform to cherish old relationships and reignite, celebrate, and make new ones. The Alumni has been formed for the development and advancement of general public utility and not-for-profit.

This community has earned a reputation for excellence and leadership in diverse fields. It is a network of experts in various fields. NAA is a great place to bond with your batchmates. It lets you stay connected with your past teachers and mentors and relish the nostalgia. You can find everything of interest here and stay informed about all the current events.

Our Journey

NAA was officially registered as a trust on July 20, 2019.

It has strived the lives of alumni, students, and the community and increased the school’s goodwill through a synergy of thoughts and actions driven by Nopanian values.

Our Achievements

Here is what we have achieved over the past 5 years

NAA Community

The Most Active Alumni

The most active alumni are those most engaged with their alma mater. They frequently attend alumni events, volunteer their time and expertise, or donate to the school. Their contributions help strengthen the school’s reputation and create a vibrant alumni network.

We Create Connections​

  • Community to Connect
  • Technology Support
  • Food Recommendations
  • Investment learning
  • Travel Know-How
  • Sports
  • Website


  • Investor Meet
  • Nopany Premier Leauge
  • Nopany Premier Leauge Indoor
  • Foodie Meet
  • Sur Sangam
  • Holi Meet
  • Know Your Member

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