Formation of Nopany Alumni Assocation

The Initiative

Even after leaving school years ago, a message from a school friend or any school news brings a spark to the eyes and a smile to the face. Schoolday memories are the most treasured assets anyone has.

Memories of school, teachers, classroom activities, and even trivial things bring joy and happiness. To relive these memories and remain connected to their roots, a few members made an effort to create an Alumni Association of Shree Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya.

Since its inception, many efforts have been made to form an association covering the batches, but they have not succeeded. A WhatsApp group was formed with members from different batches.

On 17th March 2019, an initiative meeting was called, which was attended by 26 students from 11 different batches from 1973 to 2010 to discuss forming a platform for all past students. It was chaired by the senior most ex-student present on that day, Shri Nirmal Daga, from the 1973 batch.


NAA was officially registered as a trust on July 20, 2019.

An initial fund of approx. Rs.50,500 was contributed by all the members present. Few members were entrusted with the responsibility of exploring the legal formalities to create a trust. Enthusiasm and passion for reliving the memories led to the formation of the Nopany Alumni Trust.  On 19th July 2019, the trust was formally registered in Kolkata.

We thank the “Special-26” for taking the initiative to form this association and our past presidents and office bearers for laying a solid foundation for the institution.

The Start

From the Batch of 1973, Shri Nirmal Daga became the First President of the Nopany Alumni Association. Shri Binode Mohata (Batch 1987), the first Secretary of the Nopany Alumni Association, and Dr. Rakesh Agarwal (Batch 1991) became the First Treasurer of the Nopany Alumni Association.

Starting from a few members, this alumni has grown to a strong family of more than 1300+ members, spread over from members from batches from 1960 to 2015, and is still growing continuously.

The association formed many specialized WhatsApp groups, such as Doctors Group, Business Group, Investors Group, Travel Group, and Foodie Group, apart from general groups G1 and G2. Members actively participate in these groups, and we can proudly say that members get connected about their requirements within minutes in the group. Preference is always given to Nopany members in the group.

Founder Committee Nopany Alumni Association


  • Nirmal Daga 1973 President
  • Binode Mohata 1987 Secretary
  • Ashish Karel 1998 Joint Secretary
  • Dr. Rakesh Agarwal 1991 Treasurer
  • Paras Kochar 1999 Joint Treasurer
  • Yogesh Dassani 1987 Trustee
  • Sushil Kr Agarwal 1989 Trustee
  • Nikhil Khaitan 1996 Trustee
  • Rajesh Agarwala 1987 Member
  • Ashish Singh 1996 Member
  • Gaurav Gupta 1996 Member
  • Anupam Baid 1998 Member
  • Nikhil Sureka 2002 Trustee